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New Novel: Squabble of the Titans

News flash!

Stay tuned for further details about my soon-to-be released novel. Description below:

The year is 1911. The local people know him as Orca, an insatiately hungry monster who needs to kill and eat everything that moves. He is also known by another name: Theodore Roosevelt. He has come to the wild rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula desperately seeking the mythic Says Quack--or "Sasquatch"--so he can be the first to claim the glory of discovering its existence...and its flavor profile. But something stands in the old Bull Moose's way. A mad utopian British doctor has already arrived a year earlier with plans to find and reform the creature--along with the rest of society--by badgering everyone into singing hymns and learning to ride bicycles. It's anyone's guess who's values will come to dominate the cultural landscape in this...squabble of the titans.


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